USB-C™ Car Charger + Cable (USB Type-C™)


The USB-C Car Charger + Cable makes it easy to charge your USB-C smartphone or tablet in your car. The 4-foot USB-C to USB-C cable and robust charger offer up to 27W output for charging that’s up to 70% faster than standard 5W.* What’s more, this car charger and cable is universally compatible to work with any USB-C device, including smartphones, tablets, wearables, and Ultrabook computers.

  • Features

    • Charge smartphones up to 70% faster*
    • Universal chipset charges any USB-C device including tablets and Ultrabooks up to 27W/3A
    • USB Type-C port
    • LED Indicator
    • 4-foot/1.2 meter USB-C to USB-C cable
    • Supports USB 2.0 data transfer
    • PC Overmold
    • *70% faster than 5W charging when charging a Google Nexus 5X or similar device from 0% battery

  • BELKIN Difference

    • Pioneer in technology and innovation for over 30 years
    • With 27W you can power smartphones, tablets and Ultrabooks
    • Engineered to protect your connected devices from voltage spikes that would harm them
  • Benefits

    All the benefits of USB-C can now be experienced on the move, including the convenient reversible connector, which makes it easy to plug in anytime, anywhere. The USB-C to USB-C cable has a USB-C connector at both ends, so either can be used to connect to the charger and your USB-C device.

  • Compatibale

    Works with:

    • Any Apple device.
  • Universal Charging

    The 27Watt/3 Amp charger connects to any USB-C device through the cable. A USB-PD chipset within the charger automatically detects the connected device to allow and deliver optimal charging up to 27 Watts. This means up to 70% faster charging for smartphones/tablets* and higher power delivery for larger devices such as Ultrabooks and laptops.

  • Key Features

    1. Protect against voltage spikes with input surge protection

    2. USB Power Delivery chipset fast charges smartphones, and supports tablets and Ultrabooks

    3. Power switching controller adjusts the power level to charge your device quickly and safely

    4. Noise filter and heat protection extends the life of your charger and device

    5. Reversible USB-C technology is the future of USB and used by all manufacturers

    6. Supports 5 volt / 9 volt / 12 volt USB-PD profiles

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