Ultra HD High Speed HDMI® Cable


Transform how you experience movies, TV shows, and video games. This Ultra HD High Speed HDMI cable supports the highest resolutions, refresh rates, and most immersive viewing experience available, including compatibility with Dolby Vision™. This advanced high dynamic range technology offers unmatched brightness, contrast and color. To experience it fully you’ll need every link in your viewing chain to be Dolby Vision compatible, from streaming devices such as Apple TV 4K to UHDTV or A/V receiver and your HDMI cable that brings them together. This Ultra HD High Speed cable is up to the task and compatible with any HDMI device, just plug in and enjoy the next generation of high definition home entertainment.

  • Features

    • Pioneer in technology and innovation for over 35 years
    • Compatible with Dolby Vision, high dynamic range technology
    • Maintain visual quality when connecting streaming devices with viewing screens
    • Reliable high speed connection streams smoothly between devices
    • High quality materials ensure a long life
  • BELKIN Difference

    Pioneering technology and innovation for over 30 years

    1. Knapsack-style opening adds security, great for public transit and other crowded areas.

    2. Outer vertical pockets provide easy access on-the-go, so your essentials are always handy.

    3. Reflective strips and bike light loop make you more visible, providing added safety during commutes.

    4. A hidden pocket keeps valuable items and documents extra secure against your back.

  • Future Ready

    Essentials are quickly accessible from multiple front pockets. A knapsack opening makes items inside easy to see and reach. A hidden pocket offers added security for sensitive items and documents while a dedicated pocket protects your laptop or tablet.

  • Reliable

    The enhanced, lifelike content of Dolby Vision needs an ultra-reliable connection to stream smoothly between streaming devices and your TV or display. Belkin’s Ultra HD High Speed HDMI cable is up to the task, delivering a faster refresh and eliminating motion blur, for the best possible viewing experience.

  • Key Features

    • Dolby Vision compatible
    • Supports 4K HDR (Dolby Vision and HDR 10)
    • 2-meter cable is perfect for connecting to UHDTVs
    • Compatible with any HDMI device

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