Spigen Ultra Hybrid 2 iPhone 8/8Plus Case


The Ultra Hybrid™ 2 features reinforced camera protection and buttons but with the same clarity and protection as its first! Its hybrid makeup is perfect for clear-case enthusiasts that long to enjoy long-lasting clarity with all-around protection. The new and improved PC back is designed to leave no watermarks while maintaining its crystal clear back over time. Each corner is guarded with Air Cushion Technology™ while the bumper still remains strategically raised to steer clear from contact during impacts. 

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  • Features

    • Everyday durability packed in a two-part design for slimness
    • Consists of a shock-absorbent TPU layer and rigid bumper frame
    • Fingerprint-resistance with soft, matte black surface
    • Compatible with Spigen GLAS.tR Slim screen protector and iPhone 8
    • Reliable mil-grade drop protection for everyday impact
  • Compatibale

    with iPhone 8

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