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Macbook Pro


Starts from

EGP 30,499.

Macbook Pro


Starts from

EGP 54,699.

More power.
More performance.
More pro.

It's even faster and stronger than ever before, and comes with the brightest and most colorful screen on any MacBook, and the Touch Bar, a glass bar with built-in Multi-Touch technology, gives you the tools Which you need, exactly when you need them. The MacBook Pro is designed with innovative ideas to accomplish its ideas.

Up to 4.1GHz with the Turbo Boost feature

Retina screen with a brightness of 500 lumens per square meter

Battery life
up to 10 hours

13 inch Model

1.37 KG  14.9 mm

15 inch Model

1.83 KG     15.5 mm

Touch bar and Touch ID

New innovation for unique interaction with Mac

The Touch Bar replaces the function keys that are always at the top of the keyboard and replaces them with more flexible tools that offer greater capabilities. The bar automatically changes to show you familiar tools associated with what you do, such as volume adjustment and screen brightness, To edit or browse content, smart writing features like emoticons, and many more. Touch ID is now available on your Mac so you can sign in immediately.

There are many ways to quickly access commands with the Touch Bar.

Maximize, minimize, and customize system controls to display levels of sound, brightness, and more.

Answer the iPhone or touch via FaceTime from the keyboard without moving the cursor.

Choose the color palette and click to select the text color or shapes in Pages, Keynote, and more.

Get quick access to text and emoji suggestions in apps like messages and mail.

Use the function keys by holding down the Fn key on the keyboard.

Mac receives a Touch ID.

You can now open Mac in an instant. Enjoy quick access to system settings and locked notes, and even switch the user with a touch of your finger.

Try your favorite apps in a new way with Touch Bar

Touch Bar will change how you interact with the applications you use every day, including Photoshop, Microsoft Office, DaVinci Resolve, Logic Pro X and others. The most important features and tools appear directly on the Touch Bar for easy visibility and use. It also provides dynamic space that can add a new interactive dimension to current and future applications.

The performance.

The latest speed.

The new MacBook Pro upgrades the notebooks to new levels of performance and ease of carrying. Wherever your ideas go, you will achieve them faster than ever with graphics graphics, high-performance processors, super-intelligent storage, and much more.

3.2 GB/s

Battery life
up to 10 hours

Retina screen with a brightness of 500 lumens per square meter

Up to 4.1GHz with the Turbo Boost feature

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