Installment Payments*

We are here to provide you with all that Apple has to offer at the maximum possible convenience.
• For CIB customers, through CIB Credit Card 0% interest 12 months installments.
• For non CIB customers, applying for Credit Card through sending SMS to 16644 using the keyword “SWITCH”.
Expiry date 30/09/2018.

*Terms & Conditions apply:
– Expiry Date: 30/09/2018
– MacBook Air entry level and iMac models excluded
– University students & teachers only
– Up to 36 months instalments.
– Zero upfront payment

Personal Loans- Finance Proposition:

CIB is offering Personal loans for salaried, self-employed, professors and professional clients; personal loans are commonly between one and five years.

Benefits and exclusive discounts offered to Apple customers:
• Unified interest rate at 23.5%.
• 33% administration fees discount.
• Principle approval in 2 business days.
• Loan amount maximum Up to EGP 350,000.
• Loan tenure minimum 1 year and maximum up to 5 years.
• 48-hours approval process and minimal documentation required.

*Terms and conditions apply.